End of the Year Organization

I have been absolutely awful about maintaining my bullet journal. I watch all these awesome Instagram videos of people doing theirs and I get envious. I just don’t have the time to do it. However, as college finals are basically upon me, I need some stress relief and organization in my life. I made sure to take the time to make my December spread so that I can make it through the endless list of things I have to do over the course of the next week.

Now I sometimes struggle to find motivation to make plans for months like December where I am only at school for a bit. College is my main motivation for keeping the daily spread up. I did not do summer spreads because I was either at camp or nannying, so it seemed kind of pointless. I want to get better at using my spreads to keep my daily tasks organized, whether they’re college related or not.


So this is my opening of the December spread. I decided to do a fun winter theme because this is the month that seems to officially start winter. And, as you can see, it has already snowed here! (I apologize for the lighting, my room has terrible light and there is no natural light coming through the window today.)



This has remained my favorite calendar spread for the entire month. It’s cute and leaves room for plenty of things to fill up the days. I only add the biggest things to keep it manageable.


I have my classic habit tracker which is pretty empty right now because I am in full finals mode. I added a simple note section because there are several things coming up that I will need to note for coming days/months as the year wraps up.


I brought back the gratitude spread, which I have been really bad about keeping up with in the past months. December is definitely a month to count my blessing in as I wrap up the year and start some serious reflections.

I then have the Waiting On, BIG Verses, Wins, and Learning sections behind this, but they’re not fun and colorful. Spicing those up might be my task for next year, and the habit tracker too.img_1471

And then I go on with my daily spreads. As you can see I’m pretty much working on papers and then studying for finals I have this coming week (and you can see my mistake on Friday where I started to write Wednesday).

So here’s to combatting my procrastination with unchecked lists. Hopefully I’ll keep up on this so that I can stay sane through finals and not forget to stop and reflect.


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